High Traffic Web Applications on Bare Metal

The Bare Metal Cloud is possibly the best option for high traffic websites, for it is an ingenious compromise between low latency and flexible infrastructure provisioning. Thus, allowing best cost for performance. Discuss it with our cloud experts!

Better Cost per View

Lowering margins and market pressure are pushing 'large' websites infrastructures back to more efficient options. Some opt for on-premises infrastructures and others for bare metal clouds. 

Even though some venues are 'paywalls' most are advertising driven and reducing the cost per view is essential. Modern bare metal clouds such as Bigstep's Metal Cloud promise to reduce this metric significantly. 

Reducing the cost per view on bare metal is achieved by reducing network latency, improving CPU efficiency but also through better multiplexing and autoscaling.      

High Traffic Website Architecture

Bare Metal Clouds Can Be Just as Flexible as Any Other Clouds

Recent advances in bare metal technology now allow comparable provisioning times and similar flexibility.

Traditionally provisioning times did not matter that much as infrastructures stayed largely the same. For the new Ops organization, however, short provisioning times allow changes to the infrastructure to happen quickly which improves Ops productivity and allows much higher agility than otherwise possible. It also allows on-demand instances and auto-scaling to happen to follow the peaks and valleys of traffic closely.      

VM based

Underlying server

Baremetal based

Other Use Cases

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