Analytics Development Platform

Game-changing analytics and BI solutions demand a reliable, high-performance ecosystem to prosper in the data-driven business landscape. Effortlessly control Apache Spark, Kafka, and the DataLake and automatically deploy the components you typically use in isolated, single-tenant environments.

Orchestration for Advanced Analytics

Bigstep Metal Cloud provides the seamless orchestration of software and high-performance infrastructure crucial to cut through the complexity of setting up big data architectures. By saving weeks and sometimes months of DevOps time and costs associated with on-premises deployments, analytics developers can focus on what truly matters: the development and constant improvement of their BI and analytics applications.

Easy to Get Started

We have tailored configurations to meet the specific requirements of analytics and BI application developers.


Low-Latency, Hypervisor-Free Servers

You get the flexibility of Virtual Machines but none of the performance overhead.


No IOPs Fees

The only traffic we charge for is bandwidth data going out of Bigstep data centers. Traffic in is free.


High-Throughput, Low-Latency Network

Software-defined Layer 2 network with no overlay or virtual switching at 40Gbps.


Single Point of Contact

Our single point of contact support saves you the hassle of managing multiple communication channels.


On Demand

Our service is fully software-defined and we offer per hour and per month pricing models. No contract required.



You may Bring Your Own License. Bigstep is completely vendor agnostic.


Single Tenant

All nodes are fully dedicated to the customer.
You get all the power and no "noisy neighbors."


Managed and Auto-Managed Services

Apart from fully managed services, we also offer a hybrid model: you get root access to the servers but we automate the provisioning and scaling of clusters.

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