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Our techie teamwork involves pushing applications to their limits. Our mission is simple: make sure we get the highest performance possible out of each setup we test, then use that knowledge to constantly improve our services.
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AlignAlytics Case Study

Paper Abstract

Bigstep provided AlignAlytics with both the control on on-premises environments and the flexibility of the cloud, in order to ramp up development on their cutting-edge analytics solution.

What's Inside

  1. Sustaining Performance and Growth with Analytics
    Through applications such as Alytic, AlignAlytics provides fit-for-purpose analytics solutions, precisely tailored to support specific decision making processes.
  2. The Need for Uncompromising Cloud Performance
    Powerful analytics solutions such as Alytic need a robust and reliable environment in order to scale and provide insights in an effective manner for data-driven organizations.
  3. Elasticsearch on Bigstep Metal Cloud
    It takes a few clicks in the Control Center or a call via the API to setup an Elasticsearch cluster on Bigstep Metal Cloud. Discover how your business can benefit from this.

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