The Next Generation
of Bare Metal Servers

Discover powerful, non-virtualized dedicated servers that you can easily expand, control, and manage. Get the performance and privacy of isolated environments, with the flexibility and efficiency of the cloud.

Unrivaled Performance

Our Metal Cloud outperforms traditional on-premise solutions and public virtualized clouds,
offering unmatched performance and complete out-of-band management.


Highly Scalable

Start small and grow as needed, while maintaining full control of costs with our flexible on-demand pricing.


Fast Environment Setup

Our pre-configured environments save time and effort. Everything is done with a few clicks.


Fully Configurable

Choose the configuration that best suits your needs and enjoy the flexibility to upgrade on the fly.

Total Flexibility and Control

Design your infrastructure with our simple-to-use drag & drop editor or automate provisioning
using our SDKs to enable smart, application-aware auto-scaling.
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Total Flexibility and Control



Our CLI tool allows sysadmins to move faster in working with Metal Cloud infrastructure elements.

Terraform Provider

Manage infrastructure as code, with version control, code reviews, continuous integration (CI/CD), and automated, repeatable setup & teardown.


Deploy both infrastructure and software from the same Playbook.


We are an API-first company. We provide SDKs for all major programming languages as well as a REST interface.

The World’s Most Advanced Cloud Network

Get lower latency, more elasticity, and improved security compared to traditional cloud networks.

  • Dynamic – any two points in the network can be connected at any time
  • Cut-through switching to achieve wire-speed latency
  • Unlimited layer 2 broadcast domains for each user
  • Automatically assigned IPs and seamlessly managed instance migrations
  • Securely connected to existing on-premises networks or VPNs
  • Up to 40 Gbps with aggregated instance ports

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