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Our techie teamwork involves pushing applications to their limits. Our mission is simple: make sure we get the highest performance possible out of each setup we test, then use that knowledge to constantly improve our services.
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Atheon Analytics Case Study

Paper Abstract

Success in the retail industry is increasingly reliant on the insights provided by big data projects. Game-changing analytics solutions such as Atheon’s SKUtrak demand a reliable high-performance ecosystem to scale and adapt to the ever-changing business scenarios within the retail landscape. This is where Bigstep steps in.

What's Inside

  1. The Need for Nimbleness in the Data-Driven Retail Landscape
    Unprecedented growth in data gathered by retailers and suppliers has made it difficult for many technologies to cope, especially in such a dynamic and competitive market.
  2. Mission-Critical Performance and Software Orchestration
    Initial trials of Tableau Server on Bigstep Metal Cloud have shown noticeable performance improvements from the bare-metal server, running around 25% faster than its equivalent VM deployment.
  3. Exasol, Tableau and Bigstep Data Lake
    Bigstep Metal Cloud provides Atheon Analytics with the fast, seamless software orchestration and high-performance environment essential to cut through the complexity of setting up big data architectures.

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