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Deploy in minutes and scale up on demand on Bigstep Metal Cloud. Get the highest performance with bare metal. Whether a single bare metal server or a complex infrastructure, we make it simple to use powerful servers in the cloud


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High performance, automated, and flexible Bare Metal Cloud

The Bigstep Metal Cloud is a unique bare metal IaaS service that provides powerful non-virtualized, single-tenant servers that are indistinguishable from virtual machines regarding flexibility and ease of access while still providing the full benefit of isolated environments.

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Move faster,
do more, quicker

300 seconds is all it takes to provision switches, storage, configure OOB, boot the servers, the OS and everything.

Upgrade, downgrade, and failover servers with a restart

Why reprovision everything if you can detach the OS volume and attach it to another, bigger server.

Build complex L2 network topologies

Do stuff that cannot be done anywhere else: VLAN support, servers have 4x10Ggbps ports that can be bonded and joined in a myriad of ways.

Attach and detach volumes as you please

Detachable EBS-like storage with snapshots and all provide that kind of flexibility you typically only get with virtualized solutions.

We have all the other amenities you need

Container Management, Database, and Hadoop Clusters as a Service, Object Storage, Centralized firewall management and all other amenities might need are there.

Security that protects you from yourself (and others)

Isolated L2 networks, centralized firewall management, secure OOB, 2FA console and other features designed to protect you from shooting yourself in the foot.

Why Bare Metal?

The numbers speak for themselves. Run any benchmark out there. Bare metal will be faster, more consistent and more secure than virtualization.

Up to
performance improvement over AWS for building H2O models
Bigstep Metal Cloud
Up to
lower costs than other public cloud providers
Bigstep Metal Cloud
Generic Cloud Provider


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ISO/IEC 27017
Security techniques for cloud services
ISO/IEC 27018
Security techniques in public clouds acting as PII processors
ISO/IEC 9001
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