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Cloud Versus On-Premises TCO

Paper Abstract

The idea of the cost effectiveness of running on-premise hardware is still very much alive, despite evidence to the contrary. The primary reasons for that are the hidden costs that are either ignored or too complex to calculate.

What's Inside

  1. Moore's Law Adjusted TCO
    See our simulation based on the cost of owning a rack of 30 servers in either on-premise or on Bigstep, adjusted according to Moore's Law.
  2. Hidden Costs of On-Premise
    When calculating TCO for on-premise, you don’t just add the price of the servers - see the full list of hidden costs.
  3. The Implications of Flexibility
    Bringing in a new server in an enterprise involves, but the cloud changes all that with its key feature: flexibility. Discover how your business can benefit from this.

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