Advanced Analytics in the Cloud

Supercharge your business with advanced analytics

Game-changing analytics and BI solutions demand a reliable, high-performance ecosystem to prosper in the data-driven business landscape. Effortlessly control Hadoop distributions, SQL and NoSQL databases, BI tools, open-source tools like Apache Spark, Kafka, apply machine learning techniques on Bigstep Metal Cloud and make a difference with analytics.

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Reinvent your industry using advanced analytics

Innovators are driving change in their industries. Use advanced analytics to ramp up your knowledge and take data-driven business decisions.

Customer experience

Better understand your customers’ journey, be proactive and predict what they need, and refine your strategies according to the feedback received.

SAles & marketing

Understand customer psychology, emotions and actions and personalize experiences, apply contextual marketing, experiment with dynamic pricing or perform sentiment analysis.

Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Optimize manufacturing and supply chain by monitoring the entire process, identify risks in advance, trigger automated actions and decrease response times.

Network & Security

The security of your organization can be enhanced through advanced analytics by identifying anomalous behavior patterns that are so complex they cannot even be spotted by well-thought security rules.

IoT & Behavior Analysis

Smart devices allow us to understand behavior, health, and predict their evolution while providing life-changing insights and empowering proactive actions.


Know your customers better by using powerful analytics to mine through multiple data sources to build more accurate models that can determine the risk score associated with a particular individual.

Practical use cases

Predict your customers behavior

Want to know why your customers churn? Understand how incentives improve your churn rate?
Increase customer retention? No problem. With solutions deployed on Bigstep Metal Cloud, you can:

  • Perform cross dataset analysis
    Interact with multiple type of data from disparate sources quickly at scale to understand key relationships.
  • Predict churn
    Identify customers with high rate of churning and personalize the incentives they receive via the retargeting campaigns.
  • Measure campaign performance
    Determine the customer retention rate, the correlation it has to the churn reduction strategy and understand how it impacts the business ROI.

Understand your customers to increase customer lifetime value

Want to understand how are your customers interacting with your website or your application? Want to understand what makes them click? Bigstep is your partner in using analytics to increase your customers lifetime value:

  • Perform deeper customer segmentation
    Bring together data from all of your sources, analyze it and identify key customer segments, better understand their behavior and act on the insights to increase your customers' loyalty.
  • Increase revenue
    Identify high-value segments and manage cross-selling marketing campaigns to increase the performance of your sales while staying relevant to your customers.
  • React faster and smarter
    Triggering recommendations in the right place and at the right time is like reading minds. You have the power to be a mind reader for your customers.

Reduce process flaws and increase efficiency

Want to understand historical process data and identify the principal factors that are influencing results? Bigstep is your partner in helping you identify patterns, understand relationships and increase your overall efficiency. To reach your objectives, you can:

  • Aggregate data and bring insights to light
    Analyze past data, identify the most relevant factors in your production system, create models to forecast behaviors and tweak input values to improve results.
  • Use correlation analysis
    Understand how different factors are correlated and generate variance in a specifc production environment.
  • Determine the optimal performance models
    With machine learning and AI, determine models and ranges for input values that offer the best performance in production in a cost-effectively and time-saving manner.

Improve demand planning and answer "What if?" questions

Want to better understand your market and gain competitional advantage by predicting demand? With all the tools and technologies it integrates, Bigstep helps you identify hidden opportunities and capitalize on them by:

  • Perform predictive analytics
    Sales and traffic analysis can tell a story regarding future demand. Use machine learning to create forecast and better organize stocks.
  • Adapt logistics to marketing campaigns
    Understand how many sales your marketing campaigns are generating and optimize customer support, delivery and operations to offer the best experience to your users.
  • Forecast trends and spot anomalies
    Discover trends in your data, spot anomalies along the way and make informed decisions to improve your services.

Speed up decision-making with real-time data

Want to faster react to changes in your business and be ahead of the market? Bigstep partners up with you and helps you:

  • Empower business users
    Dashboards and slice and dice analytics provide support for decision makers in evaluating different scenarios and analysing the potential impact of several factors. Better evaluate the impact through visualizations.
  • Adapt your predictive models in real-time
    Running models at predefined times slows down reactions. With a productionized infrastructure that can adapt models in real-time, you can improve your models and deliver actions faster.
  • Improve services by embedding real-time feedback
    Feedback from edge-computing devices can be used to improve the quality and relevancy of your services and products.

Purpose built to empower Advanced Analytics

Bigstep Metal Cloud provides the seamless orchestration of software and high-performance infrastructure crucial to cut through the complexity of setting up big data architectures for advanced analytics.
Empower data professionals to focus on what truly matters: the development and constant improvement of their BI and analytics applications while Bigstep ensures the underlying platform simply works.

Battle-tested advanced analytics architecture

Our team of experts can help businesses design and build solutions for a big data ecosystem on Bigstep Metal Cloud and improve their analytics capabilities.

Unified Platform

One platform, one user interface that supports building complex data pipelines that require automation and interconnection between a wide variety of technologies.

Single Point of Contact

Our single point of contact support saves you the hassle of managing multiple communication channels with multiple technology providers.

Hands-free, high-performance, scale out infrastructure

Run real-time advanced analytics at scale leveraging our award-winning Metal Cloud while saving weeks and sometimes months of DevOps time and costs associated with on-premises deployments.

GPU-accelarated computing

Our commercial model is flexible and we offer per hour and per month pricing models. No contract required.

On Demand

All servers are fully dedicated to the customer. You get all the power and no "noisy neighbors" and benefit from 10x speedups in training time.

Teaming up for data-driven success

No matter the stage your project is in, Bigstep can help you define how to productionize a big data project from the ideation phase to production. Our expertise and highly skilled staff are your partners in overcoming the big data space challenges.

    Discover the capabilities of big data for your business.
    Our solution engineers design the architecture that yields the best results for your use case.
    Define data sources and strategies to integrate them.
    Model your insight and establish processes that turn data into insights.
    From POC to production the infrastructure is automatically deployed and managed by our engineers.
    Architectures evolve with business needs and we can help adapt them to support new capabilities.

Supported technologies

We integrate the most relevant apps so you can get started quickly, and run your workloads fast.

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