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2019-03-21 17:36:00

Bare Metal Cloud Market Grows as Smaller Players Conquer the Industry by Better Serving the Demand

March XX, 2019 - As bare metal cloud infrastructures become more widely adopted and new players enter the market, industry experts recognize the value of established, smaller companies such as Bigstep.

When it comes to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), most companies consider a multi-tenant environment that takes away a degree of control and flexibility. Bare metal cloud services offer IaaS through non-virtualized, single-tenant servers that provide the same adaptability and ease of access as virtual machines while still maintaining the benefits of an isolated environment.

The IT industry is beginning to demand greater control of their virtual environments, sparked by increasing security concerns. In addition, bare metal cloud is rising in use as an answer for a variety of use cases.

“We built our bare metal cloud for a number of different use cases, including microservices, machine learning and analytics, latency sensitive workloads and high traffic web apps,” says Lucas Roh, Founder & CEO of Bigstep. “Now that the industry is catching on to the potential of IaaS it is exciting to see the many different benefits clients across every market are realizing.”

The Bigstep Metal Cloud features flexible servers and block storage, low latency L2 network and the integration of Bigstep’s firewall management, container technologies and big data. The entire infrastructure can be managed across multiple datacenters rather than individual servers for a level of control and visibility unseen in IaaS. In addition, Bigstep Metal Cloud infrastructure services provide everything need to build flexible, high-performance systems.

The bare metal market is currently becoming more crowded as the larger technology players work to catch up to the more established bare metal cloud providers. As these companies raise the awareness of the benefits of bare metal, industry analysts point to companies such as Bigstep for the lower cost and larger feature set.

“Bigstep's Metal Cloud is revolutionizing bare metal Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) by providing better ease of use, speed of provisioning and flexibility while also providing the isolation and efficiency of bare metal servers,” says Louis Columbus, Industry Analyst, “It's proving to be very effective for lower latency and achieving higher, consistent performance for demanding Web applications. Bigstep Metal Cloud excels at handling Big Data and Machine Learning workloads, scaling far beyond traditional IaaS approaches."

As the bare metal cloud demand grows, Bigstep looks forward to continuing to work with leading enterprises across every industry as they deliver innovative and powerful IaaS.