Smart transportation companies are paving the way to our future smart cities. The Bigstep Metal Cloud provides the full toolbox and the intuitive interface required to build and deploy complex architectures tailored for a range of data-driven transportation projects.

Route Optimization

Driver-specific data has the potential to reveal travel patterns and customer-related data, but converging data from thousands of geographically dispersed vehicles is no easy feat.

Geospatial analytics can help determine the appropriate number and location of stops in order to satisfy customers, optimize the use of assets and infrastructure, improve route planning, manage capacity, and ultimately increase revenue.

Cargo Load Planning and Optimization

When it boils down to high volumes of cargo, even the slightest improvement in load planning can have a significant impact on general performance and efficiency.

To properly plan and distribute cargo, transportation agents can load data for real-time processing in those few hours when all the necessary data is available, right before stacking the unit load devices (ULDs) into transporters.

Fleet Tracking and Data Analysis

Without a unified data platform, fleet tracking is virtually impossible. But combining different data sets – such as delivery locations and issues – on a single big data platform and then using a visual analytics solution, can help you understand and streamline operations and workflows: identifying target clustering, ordering trends, problem areas and general service delivery issues.

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