From operational quality and efficiency, to product life-cycle management and cost control, business in the manufacturing sector has never been more insight-hungry. The Bigstep Metal Cloud supplies manufacturing companies with the ability to quickly and securely leverage big data for actionable business insights.

Production Processes Optimization

Without big data analytics, tracking hundreds of variables involved in the production processes is a daunting – if not impossible – task. Hadoop makes it easy to assess process interdependencies and identify high-impact factors on yield drop and variability. Through continuous re-evaluation and data-informed targeted changes, output efficiency is maximized.

Supply Chain Management

Big Data can improve several key supply-side business activities: real-time delivery tracking, optimized supplier management, optimized pricing, and automatic product sourcing. Great optimizations in these key areas translate into repeat purchase behavior, consumer brand loyalty, and more purchases and referrals from satisfied customers.

Quality Control Analysis

Implementing big data analytics as a basis for the Six Sigma DMAIC quality strategy (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) will help reduce defects and drive costs down. Analytics also provide actionable insights into each phase of improvement programs, and help assess how such efforts affect all other areas of manufacturing performance. Data-powered quality control makes production workflows less error-prone than ever before.

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