Bigstep Real-Time Container Service

Bare-Metal Container Orchestration as a Service:

Bigstep Real-Time Container Service uses containers to multiplex single-tenant bare-metal machines and to run hundreds of independent workloads and applications on the same physical hosts.

Deploy Your Real-Time Containers

Containers on Bare Metal

Containers make use of very low-level features of the Linux kernel like cgroups and namespaces. They provide process isolation, resource limiting, and filesystem isolation that together allow users to securely run applications as isolated as within Virtual Machines (VMs), but without the overhead associated with hypervisors. Applications in containers operate at the same performance as if running directly on bare metal.

It Is Docker-Based

Docker is the most widely used container technology.
It provides a method to package the operating system dependencies along with the application itself.
These images allow application developers to package only the bare minimum.
The images are easy to generate and maintain, and there are tens of thousands of prebuilt images for almost every application that can be deployed in Linux.

Automatic Scalability and Hardware Provisioning

At any given moment, you can deploy and scale all instances of all applications. Bigstep’s orchestration software makes sure that the underlying infrastructure is automatically scaled and provisioned to accommodate the new requirements while maintaining a reduced cost for the overall offering. The solution allows running hundreds of different workloads that are deployed on the same set of hardware resources without compromising the performance of any application.

Highly Available and Fault-Tolerant

Bigstep Real-Time Container Service is designed for high availability and allows fault tolerance for all applications deployed on it. Each time faults are detected, the system recovers by spawning the application in another container.

Single System Image (SSI)

The underlying physical infrastructure is aggregated into a single pool, out of which resources are allocated automatically to applications.
Applications have one or more instances of the same Docker image that are instantiated automatically within the cluster, optimizing resource usage and resiliency.

Low Latency

Applications that require low latency can benefit from Bigstep Real-Time Container Service since it runs exclusively on a highly optimized bare-metal infrastructure.
Multiple workloads can operate on the same infrastructure without interference at the operating system level.

High Consolidation Ratios

Using containers that run on bare metal rather than on virtual machines, results in a more efficient use of resources in terms of hardware, provisioning, energy, cooling and on-going maintenance costs.
Customers benefit from higher consolidation ratios with zero cost increases.


All users have access to their own Real-Time Containers and a set of physical servers that are assigned to a single user at a time. This aggregated pool of hardware resources is at the customer’s disposal, and is dynamically allocated to the applications that run on containers on top of the platform, based on their individual hardware requirements.

Fully Managed

Bigstep Real-Time Containers can be automatically deployed, configured, updated and scaled to best meet the user’s requirements. It automatically detects failures, and recovers from them, both in the case of the infrastructure and the applications that run on top of it. Applications can discover each other and can communicate across the infrastructure, empowering the user to deploy complex, distributed big data applications.

True Persistency

For stateful applications, local volumes can be mapped to each deployed application. Bigstep Shared Drive can be used to provide a high level of persistency at the Bigstep Real-Time Containers level. Once the application is deployed with a persistent volume, the data is going to be accessible regardless of how many times a container is respawned.

Free of Charge

The costs of Bigstep Real-Time Containers are strictly associated with the usage of the underlying physical hardware.
There are no additional fees for software or for the 24/7 support offered by the Bigstep crew.

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