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Our techie teamwork involves pushing applications to their limits. Our mission is simple: make sure we get the highest performance possible out of each setup we test, then use that knowledge to constantly improve our services. Read more about our findings or common work with our partners.

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Case Studies

CitySprint case study

Bigstep assisted CitySprint in the implementation of a high-performance, flexible environment tailor-made for analyzing real-time and historical fleet data.


AlignAlytics case study

Bigstep Provides Mission-Critical Performance for Advanced Analytics.


Atheon Analytics case study

Bigstep Provides Superlative Software Orchestration for Advanced Analytics.



Bigstep DataLab: a Technical Overview

The Bigstep DataLab is an optimal turnkey data-research solution for businesses of all size that enables easy access to collaborative analytics and data science.


Cloud Versus On-Premises CTO

The idea of the cost effectiveness of running on-premise hardware is still very much alive despite evidence to the contrary. The primary reasons for that are the hidden costs that are either ignored or too complex to calculate.


Getting The Most Out Of Impala - Best Practices For Infrastructure Optimization

We tested Cloudera Impala in an effort to understand what hardware setup would provide the best performance/price for it. Our aim is to provide a quick practical guide for choosing the infrastructure to run Impala on.



Virtual Machines vs Bigstep Metal Cloud in Machine Learning

Using the H2O distributed database project, we are testing two machine learning algorithms, GLM (Generalized Linear Model) and DL (Deep Learning), against an on premise virtualized environment and the Bigstep Metal Cloud.


Cassandra's Scaling Economics

How does the NoSQL database Cassandra scale and how does that impact your wallet?


AlignAlytics Benchmarks Elasticsearch on the Bigstep Infrastructure

AlignAlytics benchmarked Elasticsearch running in the Bigstep Metal Cloud and consistently saw a 100-200% performance improvement over their existing dedicated servers.


Best Practices for Scaling Elasticsearch in the Cloud

Find out how to make better decisions about the architecture of your Elasticsearch cluster, how Elasticsearch scales vertically and horizontally and when it might be worth it to do either.

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Sub-Milisecond Response with Couchbase

Learn what makes Couchbase one of the highest-performing NoSQL databases we have seen in our lab so far.


Getting the Most Out of Impala

We tested Impala in order to identify the sweet spot between performance and budget.



How to Use Docker on the Bigstep Infrastructure

This tutorial shows how easy it is to use Docker on Bigstep.



Bigstep Touts Highest Performance Cloud For Big Data Crunching

In this video, V3 sits down with Ioana Hreninciuc, our Commercial Director, to hear about how the firm is targeting the big data market with Infrastructure as a Service.

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Interview with Christian Prokopp - Big Data Partnership

Christian talks about how big data Partnership uses Hadoop to solve client very particular data processing needs.

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Interview with Antony Falco - Basho

Antony talks about DBs in the Cloud and the challenges and opportunities that generates.

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Interview with Andreas Vermeulen - Steria

Andreas talks about big data technologies used at Steria, a leading IT-enabled business services provider.

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Docker Series Part I - What Is Docker and Why Use It?

Felix Crisan, CEO of Netopia, makes an intro to Docker and why it's important.


Docker Series Part II - Why Developers Love Docker

Docker might be hard to get for non-technical people. This article describes why Docker and micro-services are getting the attention that they get.


Docker Series Part III - Beyond Docker - Are Containers Here to Stay?

In this final part of the series, Felix goes into why Docker has the potential to become a standard for PaaS.


Bigstep unleashes performance with Bigstep Metal Cloud

HP showcases Bigstep as a client that applies innovative technologies for solving big data problems.


InfoQ: Scaling NoSQL Databases

Alex Bordei wrote about scaling NoSQL databases and tips for increasing performance when using these data stores.

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Bigstep Metal Cloud Overview

Learn everything about the world's highest performance cloud, purpose-built for big data.


Data Lake and the Rise of the Microservices

The Bigstep Metal Data Lake can efficiently hold structured and unstructured data of any type: clickstream, social media feeds, audio/video, machine data and logs, sensor data, CRM or ERP exports, RDBMS or NoSQL exports, or just about anything else.


Datameer on the Bigstep Infrastructure

With Datameer on Bigstep Metal you get an entire big data analytics stack deployed, configured, and ready to crunch data, in less than 20 minutes.


Security on the Bigstep Infrastructure

The Bigstep Metal Cloud provides isolated environments for hosting critical data - learn how we secure your data.


Building Data Lakes in the Cloud

A walk through the steps required to build a data lake in the cloud and connect it to on-premises environments, covering best practices in architecting cloud data lakes and key aspects such as performance, security, benefits and software solutions, presenting technologies ranging from basic HDFS storage to real-time processing with Spark Streaming.



Bigstep and HP have partnered to provide the highest performance cloud in the world.

Alex Bordei talks about the data lake and the rise of the microservices at Big Data Week 2015 in London.

Ioana Hreninciuc talks about changing the status quo at Big Data Week 2015 in London.

Alex Bordei talks about the performance of DataStax at the Cassandra Summit in London.

See the presentation here.

Alex Bordei talks about the performance of Couchbase in the cloud at Hadoop Users Group UK.

See the presentation here.

Marius Boeru talks about how Bigstep uses Ansible to automate big data applications at AnsibleFest London.

See the presentation here.

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