Flexible Pricing

Bigstep is one of the drivers in the “price – performance” revolution of secure public clouds used for big data applications. Within our own data centers, we have developed the fastest, most secure and flexible big data platform to date.

Bigstep Pricing Models

Depending on the application, infrastructure costs in the Bigstep Metal Cloud are typically lower than those offered by the three incumbents of the public cloud market. Blazing-fast computing helps cut down the service costs, since more can be accomplished within the same time frame, leading to fewer resource requirements.

On-Demand Pricing – Pay as You Grow

Deploy your big data architecture and pay only for the time you use it. You can scale up or down at any time and even suspend your environment. This is perfect for customers who intend to run regular jobs, such as batch or scheduled activities, or for those who want to run a single project, such as a Hackathon.

Reserved Pricing – Predictable Cloud Pricing

Offering a lower price than on-demand, this is a great option for customers who plan to keep their big data architectures in production for longer periods of time. The minimum period is usually 12 months and the billing is done monthly. Architectures can be easily scaled, and on-demand added as-and-if needed, offering the true flexibility required by big data projects.

Bigstep is working with application partners to implement business models that can support on-demand and reserved pricing for application licensing. This varies by application, so please contact Bigstep Sales for the current status. Bigstep Sales works with customers to develop the most cost-effective solutions for big data projects.

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