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The Bigstep Accelerator is our way of supporting brilliant individuals and SaaS startups. If you’re changing the world in a big way and you need a high-performance big data platform to do it, we're not going to be the ones to keep you from it. So apply now to win us over and get access to free access and support.

Bigstep Accelerator for Startups

SaaS it up!

If you're building a game changing SaaS and need infrastructure to create your pricing model, test your software and just get going... then reading this paragraph is the best thing you've done today.

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How We Support You

Infrastructure for product testing and pricing model development

Your software might perform very differently when it has 100 clients compared to just 10. You need to know how performance scales so you can properly account for it in your pricing model. We’ll support you with the infrastructure you need for testing – so you can be ready to grow as soon as you start.

Consultancy for automation and scalability

What gets you better performance/price, scaling vertically or horizontally? What happens when you also factor in resiliency? These decisions have to be made, but they require time for research and extensive testing. We’ll help you skip right to the results, with free consultancy from our experienced DevOps team.

Co-marketing support

In the beginning, we know you’ll need all the visibility you can get. So we’ll showcase you on our website, blog and on our social media accounts, as a startup we believe in. We may also invite you to present at our events and connect you to our partners and clients. Build a product we can stand behind, and we will.

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Bigstep Accelerator for Experts

If you’re a consultant, architect, developer or some other type of techie brainiac and are searching for quality infrastructure to test new ideas at home, we might just have what you’re looking for.

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Infrastructure to test your projects and ideas

You’ve heard about a new piece of big data software and can’t wait to get your hands on it? We completely understand how you feel. We also know that a good testing environment goes a long way. We will provide you with Bigstep Metal Cloud Credits, so you can explore and create.

The perfect place to showcase your results

If you’d like to share your results with the world, we can support you in doing so. We’ll have to validate your findings, but once our technical team gives the green light, we can publish your research with full credit on our blog and social media channels, and even turn it into a whitepaper.

Let's gather round the meeting table!

We are focused on keeping our lead as the world’s highest-performance big data platform-as-a-service. We do groundbreaking work and we’re great at it. Nonetheless, we are the first to acknowledge that we owe much of our success to our technology allies. Apart from resulting in industry breakthroughs, our partnerships constantly generate common business opportunities.

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