Bigstep Storage

Safe, Flexible, Resilient Drives

With simple drag-and-drop actions, each drive can be attached to a compute instance, migrated between instances or preserved for future use. Drive templates, snapshotting and cloning simplify backup, replication and upgrade tasks. The unique Bigstep Storage architecture is designed for high performance, flexibility and resilience. Your data is safe, easily retrievable and conveniently scalable on a per-GB pricing plan.


High Performance

Lightning-fast drives and a high-throughput network ensure that your data-intensive apps deliver the best possible performance.

High Scalability

Quickly scalable drives eliminate all the guesswork and enable you to use precisely the storage space you need.

High Availability

Regardless of the selected types of drives, your data is almost instantly available and ready for crunching.

Easy to Use

Easily add drives through the Control Center or API and configure them to your particular requirements.

Seamless Integration

Attach drives to different Compute Instances and use a hypervisor to enable effortless live migration.

Maximum Security

Snapshotting and reverting support, highly reliable hardware and secure network access ensure that your data is always safe.

Bigstep Block Storage

The Bigstep Block Storage is unparalleled in terms of flexibility and versatility. Engineered to deliver the highest possible performance, it offers speeds up to 33 times higher than other block storage solutions.

Solid Storage
Block Storage

Bigstep Solid Storage

Bigstep Solid Storage offers consistent and low-latency performance for enterprise-grade storage environments. With each drive delivering up to 100 IOPS/GB, 40 Gbps throughput in full-duplex and a read/write speed equivalent to more than 13 local SSD drives, it is the fastest cloud block storage to date.

Use cases:

Real-Time Analytics & Data Streams

Running queries on millions of rows of data is blazing fast on Solid Storage drives. In this high-performance environment, your data gets crunched in minutes, instead of hours or days.

High-Frequency Transactions

Consistent high performance makes the Bigstep Solid Storage the natural solution for latency-sensitive, IOPS-intensive applications.

Bigstep Disk Storage

Bigstep Disk Storage is the fastest disk-based cloud block storage service available. Each drive scales up to 1.5TB, delivers between 200 and 500 IOPS and up to 10 Gb/s throughput. Your data warehouse is safe, flexible, and readily available.

Use cases:

Data & Content Storage

The Bigstep Disk Storage has built-in redundancy and was purpose-built to provide a fast, stable, and cost-effective block storage solution for huge volumes of data.

Petabyte-Scale Data Warehouses

For both traditional SQL databases and horizontal hyper-scale NoSQL models, the Bigstep Disk Storage supplies a solid, reliable platform that expands to accommodate growing data volumes.

Bigstep Shared Drives

Bigstep Shared Drives are readily-accessible through all connected Compute Instances, enabling you to share resources across your machines. They can be deployed on either a Solid Storage or a Disk Storage support and will scale at the click of a button, or with a single API call. Designed to facilitate easy management of private clouds, Bigstep Shared Drives are compatible with most hypervisors (VMware, Hyper-V, Xen, KVM).

Bigstep Data Lake

The Bigstep Data Lake is a Bigstep-managed service. It provides petabyte-scale HDFS-compatible storage that is easy to use and access. It can be used to store any type of file, with virtually unlimited available space. Using an extremely simple set of commands, files can be dropped to specific paths, replicated across several folders, effortlessly retrieved or deleted.

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