Customer Stories

What we got, blew us away. Bigstep cut our query response time in half. Sometimes more.

Grigore Voicu, System Administrator at Bitdefender

“We need to get answers from our data ASAP. Bigstep cut our query time in half. Sometimes more.”

We have data analysis projects on a regular basis but their scale varies tremendously. It could be 200 GB today and 200 TB tomorrow. And when we start a project, we need to crunch the data as soon as possible. We liked Bigstep’s Bigstep Metal Cloud because it promised high performance and we gave it a try.

We were already using bare metal so we were expecting some improvement, but nothing tremendous. What we got, however, blew us away. It cut our query response time in half. Sometimes more. That’s why we’re now hosting all our big data projects with them.

Grigore Voicu – System Administrator at Bitdefender

We researched and built our proof-of-concept Hadoop cluster for analyzing web user behavior internally but we didn’t have the time to wait for hardware deliveries, integration, and the likes. We found that using Bigstep’s high performance physical hardware for processing, and the Full Metal Data Lake for clickstream, social media, and other customer data, was the perfect combination for getting into production quickly, with a fast, scalable environment.

Silviu Preoteasa – Head of Marketing Technology – Hostelworld Group (HSW)

“ Perfect for getting into production quickly, with a fast, scalable environment ”

“ We’d recommend Bigstep
as an essential provider for
any European retailer. ”

Our ambitious goal was to launch three international websites in a very short timeframe. We needed a flexible and responsive hosting solution to cater for the anticipated growth; something that wouldn’t require significant upfront investment but would easily to scale as and when required.

A cloud solution was the obvious answer; we needed a cloud provider that would understand our challenges and would support us when we most needed it. The successful launch of our international websites was critical for us, we were making a substantial investment in launching them and we understood that our hosting infrastructure was integral to the success.

Now, having successfully launched, we’re delighted that we chose to work with the Bigstep team. There are larger and better known providers in the marketplace but we needed a hosting partner who understood the challenges we faced and would work proactively with us to deliver and support the required infrastructure and we found that in the Bigstep team. They gave us the sense that they cared about our growth and that they had the capability to support it and they delivered and continue to deliver that for us. We have an elastic, high performance infrastructure and an excellent support team.

Technology and Business Change Director at Hobbs Limited

“ We relied on Bigstep for our international expansion. It was a success. ”

Real-time update of newsletter content (6 objects, text and images) for 11 million users after a pilot on under 100K. If you send a newsletter at 9 am, most people will open it within 15 minutes so we needed to be ready for 2000 updates /second if not more. We tested five public cloud providers. Registered an account, deployed the setup and started simulating requests. Bigstep’s Bigstep Metal Cloud was the only one that made the cut on the first try and then time and time again. The cluster didn’t even break a sweat. We kept the tests going for about two weeks just to make sure performance didn’t fluctuate. Bigstep was the only one that made the cut. The cluster didn’t even break a sweat.

Peter Moss – New Technologies Team Lead at MRM

“ Bigstep was the only one that made the cut. The cluster didn’t even break a sweat. ”

I don’t think I would have actually believed

the difference if I hadn’t seen it myself.

Peter Moss

We built a branded mobile app that gave you different challenges based on your preferences, location and the friends around you. Environment gamification basically, for pubs, clubs, bars, coffee shops. Evenings were really busy, working days not as much, and we didn’t want to have servers just sitting around so, of course, we had it hosted in a cloud. But when our user base started to grow, we all of a sudden got a huge bill at the end of the month, nearly twice the amount we had in our budget.

We started to move that same week and chose the Bigstep Metal Cloud because we felt more in control working with bare metal. It’s been almost a year since then and we’re very pleased with the Bigstep team and infrastructures. They move fast and perform well. Those two things matter very much for us.

Andy S. – Software Developer at TBWA

We're more in control
working with bare metal.
Andy S.

We were expecting better performance in the bare metal infrastructure compared to traditional cloud based dedicated servers, but it was incredible to see that performance was twice as good throughout and in some cases even better when dealing with highly complex queries like geo distance calculations.

Amit Talhan – Senior Developer at AlignAlytics

“ It was incredible to see that performance was twice as good ”

Since our core offering is advanced machine learning as a service, we rely on intensive in-memory processing which needs a reliable and highly performant environment.

The Bigstep Metal Cloud has allowed us to optimize our setup to reach maximum performance in a cost effective way. This has enabled us to serve more clients and scale the solution quickly and easily.

Jaco Els - Co-Founder & Managing Director

To answer security threats immediately, we need real-time information. Nothing less will do. And to get it, we need to process data packets, logs, meta data and network flows from thousands of machines in an instant. We constantly work on blackbox penetration tests, cyber security audits, vulnerability assessments and we monitor 0 day vulnerability feeds.

We needed the flexibility to grow with our clients but the cloud didn’t seem like an option because the performance of machine data analysis software in virtualised environments was so bad. Then we discovered Bigstep’s Bigstep Metal Cloud. We started with a single machine and a database of 10 million records that was growing every second. It was the first time I’d seen queries on a data set of that size run in under 1 second.

“ There was no contest. We decided to cancel a huge project of building our own on-premises infrastructure and moved all our real-time analysis on the Bigstep Metal Cloud. ”

Madalin Dumitru – CEO at Cyber Smart Defense

Our client had problems scaling their Hadoop cluster. Bigstep helped us solve them. One of our larger clients called up one day and said: „I’m going crazy trying to scale our on-premise Hadoop cluster. It’s over a dozen servers. Can you help me?” Problem was, we didn’t know much about Hadoop. But we wanted to get that extra business. So we started looking at possible solutions and we only had a few hours to take it or leave it.

That’s when we found Bigstep. We gave them a call and in hours their team had helped us get a Hadoop installation going on their Bigstep Metal Cloud. It began as a test, but once we got the data in and the client started using it there was no going back.

“ Performance was much better, we decreased the total number of machines to almost half and the client was extremely happy with us. It’s a classic success story for us. ”

Christian Sandu – Co-Founder & Consultant at Smart IT Services

We needed to get started with a Cloudera + Datameer environment ASAP and didn’t have the time to get everything set up on-premises. We were introduced to Bigstep by a partner and they got everything up and running for us immediately. Because we were just getting started with Hadoop, it took some time before the size of the data set and our workloads became clear. It helped immensely that in the Bigstep Metal Cloud we could expand our infrastructure to the size we needed, in just a few clicks. Even if we were completely new to the environment, the team quickly got it, so we could adapt to incoming requirements very easily. And, when we needed additional support, the Bigstep team was very responsive and knowledgeable. It has been a very good experience working with them, and I would highly recommend it.

Marko Maunula – Product Owner, BI – PAF

"We selected Bigstep as our cloud platform provider because of its ease of use, speed and commitment to integrating the best big data tools and Hadoop distributions, such as MapR. The company allows us to experiment with different environments before making a commitment and has helped us build a solid foundation on which we can rapidly scale, iterate and deploy our solutions into production."

Anthony Kalinde – Big Data Engineer – Dharmic Data AS