Bigstep Metal Cloud

Bigstep Metal Cloud is a full-stack big data cloud that empowers organizations to easily set up and manage complex big data projects. Through the intuitive drag & drop interface, or by using fit-for-purpose architectural Blueprints, users can deploy enterprise-grade big data architectures in minutes.

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The Bigstep Control Center

Through the Control Center – an intuitive drag-and-drop interface – users can design and deploy enterprise-grade big data infrastructures in minutes. The Bigstep Metal Cloud completely automates and orchestrates the following platform operations:

Unrivaled Features

Easy to Use

Through the Control Center, the all-in-one management console, users can readily drag-and-drop and configure all the components needed to build an enterprise-grade big data architecture.

Fastest Conception to Production

Servers, storage, networks and big data apps are configured to completely mirror blueprint specifications. Adjustments to the blueprint are immediately reflected in production.

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Highest Cloud Performance

The accelerated bare-metal infrastructure, fully isolated wire-speed networks and high-performance storage systems are architected together to crunch your data faster than any other platform to date.

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Highly Secure

Bigstep Metal Cloud is designed to provide enterprise-grade security for critical data sets.

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Natural Extension to On-Premises

Enterprise security services, including identity management and VPN services, along with the ability to create dedicated secure Layer 2 networks that fit within the existing network topology.

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Fully Scalable

Bigstep Metal Cloud provides on-demand scalability, using simple slide-bar controls. The infrastructure and applications are automatically re-configured with zero downtime.

Integrated Key Applications

Bigstep Metal Cloud seamlessly integrates and ensures the compatibility of today’s most valued big data applications, delivering best-fit software solutions for big data problems.

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Most Dynamic Big Data Cloud

The infrastructure can be shut down and restored in minutes, while keeping the data. Data volumes can be detached from the rest of the infrastructure and reattached when the infrastructure is restored.

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Exceptionally Convenient

Bigstep Metal Cloud provides the benefits of on-premises data centers, without the costs and effort of managing them. Bigstep offers both on-demand and reserved pricing models.

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No Vendor Lock-in

Bigstep Metal Cloud is completely vendor-agnostic. Businesses are granted the ability to test a wide range of big data technologies and opt for those that best serve their needs.

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Native Platform Services

The Bigstep Metal Cloud integrates the world’s first Data Lake as a Service – a scale-out, affordable HDFS-compatible storage system.

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Big Data Exploration

Big data projects can provide insights beyond the limits of predetermined use cases. With Bigstep, organizations can freely experiment with multiple big data technologies.

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