Couchbase on the Bigstep Metal Cloud

Couchbase is a blazing fast, always-consistent NoSQL database, engineered to meet the elastic scalability, consistent high-performance, always-on availability, and data mobility requirements of mission-critical applications. We have achieved sub-millisecond response times in our benchmarks, so Couchbase can yield tremendous performance on the Bigstep Metal Cloud.

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The Highest Performing Distributed NoSQL Database Gets Even Faster

One of the advantages of Couchbase is its simplicity. There is no master node and requests are load-balanced directly by the Couchbase client libraries.

Scaling Couchbase on the Bigstep Metal Cloud

The Bigstep Metal Cloud enables horizontal as well as vertical scaling of Couchbase at any time:

Scaling horizontally

New instances can be added to the cluster within a minute. The hosts are registered in Couchbase and the data is moved to the new nodes.

Scaling vertically

Instance configuration can be changed at any time with a simple restart. No additional delays are required for the data to be transferred out of each individual host.

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