Splunk on the Bigstep Metal Cloud

Sifting through billions of machine data records used to be a daunting task. Now, with Splunk on the Bigstep Metal Cloud, it takes mere milliseconds to get answers from your machine data.

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Machine Data Analysis Done Right

Splunk on the Bigstep Metal Cloud is used to search, monitor and analyze vast quantities of machine data in order to gain operational insight. It can ingest any kind of data, with no predefined schema from any source. Events can then be isolated and correlated. Anomalies can be identified and complex non-apparent causality relationships between events can be promptly detected.

Tapping into the value of the data generated by the underlying infrastructure, big data applications and security systems has never been more straightforward. Splunk enables data collection, analysis and places the user in the driving seat of operational performance, towards business results.

Deployment architecture

We deploy the latest version of Splunk Free – which allows the ingestion of up to 500 MB/day. For higher data volumes, appropriate licensing is required. A comparison of Splunk licensing models can be found here. Once licensing is acquired, it can be seamlessly added to an existing Splunk deployment on the Bigstep Metal Cloud.

The deployment includes a Search Heads Instance Array and an Indexers Instance Array. Search head machines keep track of existing indexing servers. When performing a search operation, queries are sent from search heads to indexers. Each data source has to be configured manually on targeted indexers.

Scaling Splunk on the Bigstep Metal Cloud

When data volumes and licensing grow, the Instance Arrays can be scaled horizontally by adding more instances, or vertically by changing the configuration specs. For vertical scaling, a reboot of the scaled Instance Array is required.

Integration with On-Premises Infrastructures

If you intend to use Splunk for analyzing logs or other machine data generated by an on-premises infrastructure, data can be transferred securely into the Bigstep Metal Cloud by merging our software-defined network’s layer 2 broadcast domains with any exterior ones, via a secure tunnel.

Instances in the Bigstep Metal Cloud can access data trapped in various silos across the organization with no disruption to the running services. Existing VLANs can also be extended over to the Bigstep bare metal network.

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