MapR on the Bigstep Metal Cloud

MapR on the Bigstep Metal Cloud is the most extensive high-availability (HA) Hadoop distribution on the market. Its unique architecture advantage makes it not only the most reliable solution for big data, but also the world’s fastest solution to date.

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The All-in-One Solution for Big Data

MapR on the Bigstep Metal Cloud supports a wide range of Hadoop applications*, so no matter what your use case is or how many resources it needs, you can rely on a single, easy to use solution from beginning to end.

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Benefits of MapR on the Bigstep Metal Cloud

MapR on the Bigstep Metal Cloud solves high scalability, instant access and consistency issues - the traditional Hadoop concerns – in two ways: it uses the proprietary MapR-FS instead of HDFS and it employs a no-NameNode architecture. Thanks to these innovations, MapR on the Bigstep Metal Cloud ensures high availability across nodes and services for both file-based and NoSQL applications.

Highly Scalable File System

Dynamic Resource Allocation

Key Features

Enterprise-Grade Hadoop

MapR on the Bigstep Metal Cloud delivers consistent low latency, data protection and the highest uptime of any Hadoop distribution.

Bare Metal Performance

Running on physical servers instead of VMs makes MapR run several times better than other Hadoop distributions in the cloud.

High Availability

MapR on the Bigstep Metal Cloud has NFS multi-node HA and provides out-of-the-box solutions for backup and disaster recovery.

Multi-tenancy Support

Multi-tenancy means that you can logically divide your MapR cluster in a manner that best suits your application requirements.


MapR employs strong security thanks to Kerberos-based authentication and encryption and the use of Access Control Lists and Expressions.


MapR on the Bigstep Metal Cloud has both proprietary and standard file and database access, as well as a wide range of pluggable services.

MapR Use Cases

Real-time Stream Processing

MapR provides a simplified, publish-subscribe model for real-time stream computation using Storm or Spark Streaming. Data feeds can be written directly to the MapR platform, which allows for less overhead and a shorter app chain.

Predictive Analytics, Full Search & Discovery

Gather trend data, search Hadoop data directly or index standard files with no conversion or transformation needed. Content and results are highly available, automatically compressed, and can be protected using snapshots and mirroring.

Large-scale Distributed Datasets

Low latency interactive query capability, hierarchical data structures and schema discovery make MapR on the Bigstep Metal Cloud perfect for working with large-scale distributed datasets. It supports NoSQL, Hadoop and traditional RDBMS.

Security & Risk Management

Analyze real-time data from network or other security devices, preemptively process application log data or use pattern and anomaly recognition capabilities to improve security and reduce unnecessary risk.

Up And Running In 20 Minutes

MapR on the Bigstep Metal Cloud offers a complete high-availability Hadoop environment, without the usual trade-offs, and it does so full-throttle at standard pricing. To set up your MapR cluster in only 20 minutes, apply now for a free 14-day trial.

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