Cloudera CDH on the Bigstep Metal Cloud

CDH provides a single-tenant and high-performance Hadoop environment which can be deployed and scaled at the click of a button. CDH is the only Hadoop solution to offer unified batch processing, interactive SQL, interactive search, and role-based access controls. CDH has been downloaded by more enterprises than all other similar distributions combined.

Test Cloudera CDH on the Bigstep Metal Cloud

Deployment & Integration on the Bigstep Metal Cloud

We deploy the latest version of Cloudera’s distribution of Hadoop (CDH 5.x).

It takes literally two clicks in the Control Center, or a couple of API calls to deploy CDH on the Bigstep Metal Cloud. Scaling is just as easy. The distribution will expand to the entire size of the underlying Instance Arrays. Account owners get root access to the entire system and can manage all the features of CDH. We also pre-configure CDH to connect with other apps on the Bigstep Metal Cloud. The most popular choices are Datameer for Analytics and EXASolution for massively parallel processing (MPP) distributed SQL.

Sizing & Scaling your Hadoop cluster

The Bigstep Metal Cloud unique architecture enables easy orchestration and management of complex clusters, through the API or the Control Center. Scaling is as easy as using a visual slider in the Control Center.

Horizontal Scaling

New compute instances can be added to the CDH cluster in moments. The CDH deployment scales with the size of the underlying Instance Array. Adding extra instances in the array registers in Cloudera Manager and services are automatically assigned to them.

Vertical Scaling

The configuration of compute instances in an array can be redefined at any time, and the changes are applied after a simple restart. No additional delays are required for the data to be transferred out of each individual host. In two minutes you’re up and running, with more power than before.

Deployment Architecture

The default CDH cluster we deploy is great for getting started with Hadoop. We separate Hadoop services among two types of Instance Arrays: Head Nodes and Data Nodes. Both types of Instance Arrays can be scaled horizontally or vertically at any time.

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