Big Data Apps on the Bigstep Metal Cloud

The Bigstep Metal Cloud is completely vendor-agnostic and encompasses today’s most valued big data apps. Businesses have the ability to test a wide range of big data technologies and choose the ones that best serve their use cases. Moreover, organizations have the flexibility to study and experiment with their data, beyond pre-defined use cases. Bigstep Metal Cloud provides the technological and pricing flexibility required for data experimentation.

Design your big data architecture

One-Click Orchestration for Complex Data Analytics

Go from questions to insights in months hours. From concept to deployment, creating a production-ready enterprise data warehouse on the Bigstep Metal Cloud takes only a few minutes and a few clicks. Every component is ready to be deployed, scaled, and connected to a data source.








Log Analysis

Save Hours and Hours of DevOps and DBA Time

Complex software is deployed automatically

Even for technologies that are not part of the Bigstep stack, only one install is needed to create a template that can then be used to deploy hundreds of instances.

Performance optimization is built-in

No more inexplicably slow queries and time spent researching ways to improve performance. Every one of our compute instances is configured from the firmware and BIOS level to provide maximum performance when you most need it.

Scaling takes mere minutes

It takes literally three clicks to scale any Instance Array on the Bigstep Metal Cloud. Resources will be available when you need them, as you need them.

Full control is all yours

Every compute instance on the Bigstep Metal Cloud is dedicated to you, just like with your own on-premises servers. You have direct access to the hardware, there’s no sharing and no middle layer. Everything you could do in your own DC, you can do it on the Bigstep Metal Cloud.


Machine Data
Customer Data
Clickstream Data
Operational Data


Petabyte scale ETL, data sanitation, storage and analytics capabilities


High-performance MPP SQL analytics engine for complex queries
NoSQL data stores engineered for performance and high availability
Full text search and analytics engine

Containers for microservices and hybrid architectures


Log analysis and monitoring of machine data


Integration with existing BI and visualisation tools

It's Ready When You Are

All our applications talk to each other

Incompatibilities between software versions are not an issue on the Bigstep Metal Cloud. When you deploy a new big data app, it will easily connect to all the others. No painful upgrades required.

Click - it's upgraded!

That’s the process of upgrading any big data application on the Bigstep Metal Cloud. One buton, one moment, several minutes, and the freedom to work on something else in the meantime.

Room & budget for all that data

With its petabyte-scale capacity, low cost and accessibility, the Bigstep Data Lake is perfect for keeping all your cold data and log files.

Query run time that wins the Olympics

No advanced DBA skills needed. The Bigstep Metal Cloud has been purpose-built to provide high performance for big data, SQL or NoSQL.

Ready to design your big data architecture?

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