The Full Metal Cloud provides all the power and privacy of bare metal with the flexibility of the cloud, making it the
    highest performance public cloud in the world. Hadoop, NoSQL DBs, search and analytics engines reach up to 500%
    better performance running on Full Metal compared to virtualised public clouds.
  • Hadoop, NoSQL, Search and Analytics ready to go on Full Metal

    It takes literally minutes to design and deploy an entire big data solution
    on bare metal compute instances and storage, with the Full Metal Cloud.
    We've integrated all the essential applications you need to start analyzing
    any type of data and get answers immediately. Get started
      Cloudera's Distribution of Hadoop (CDH)
      Couchbase Server
      Elasticsearch + Logstash + Kibana (ELK)
      Splunk Enterprise
  • Hadoop on Full Metal: CDH

    The best of both worlds is finally available for Hadoop: bare metal performance and the flexibility of the cloud. Full Metal Hadoop Clusters based on the latest version of Cloudera Hadoop (CDH) can be deployed on demand with either all-SSD distributed storage or distributed + local spindle storage.
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  • NoSQL on Full Metal: Couchbase

    The infamous sub-millisecond response time can nou be achieved in the cloud with Couchbase Server running on our Full Metal Compute Instances. With no hypervisor getting in the way of in-memory read/writes and 40 Gbps wire-speed networking, Couchbase in the cloud has never been faster.
    Get started with Couchbase on Full Metal
  • Search & Analytics on Full Metal: Elasticsearch ELK

    Get the best performance/price for Elasticsearch by combining Full Metal Compute Instances with all-SSD distributed storage. Scale seamlessly to tens of nodes while maintaning lightning fast performance across the board - over 30.000 IOPS per Elasticsearch cluster.
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  • Log analysis on Full Metal: Splunk

    "Using the bare metal hardware as a baseline, Splunk Enterprise generally indexes data about 30% slower on a virtual machine (VM) than it does on a standard reference machine.[...] This is a best-case scenario that does not account for resource contention with other active VMs on the same physical server." – Splunk website. Enough said.
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Big Data on Full Metal


Hadoop on Full Metal

We work with everyone's favorite Hadoop provider to
power up, scale and monitor Hadoop on our Full Metal
Compute Clusters.
More about Hadoop on Full Metal

NoSQL on Full Metal

The world's most complete, most scalable and best
performing NoSQL database is now one-click away
on the highest performance public cloud in the world.
Explore NoSQL on Full Metal

Log analysis on Full Metal

Analyzing terabytes of machine data takes literally milliseconds
with Splunk running on our Full Metal Compute Instances.
Learn about Splunk on Full Metal

Search on Full Metal

The performance and flexibility of the ELK stack, now
made bigger and better by our Full Metal Cloud.
See Elasticsearch run on Full Metal



Economics of scaling NoSQL in the cloud

We tested literally tens of setups with Couchbase,
Elasticsearch and Impala to arrive at the best
performance/price level for each. These are our findings.
More about NoSQL in the cloud

Getting the most out of Impala

An entire series of tests based on 8 different hardware
configurations have baffled us and proven, yet again, that
high performance is a tricky thing to achieve.
See our Impala tests and findings
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  • Bitdefender
    "What we got blew us away. Bigstep cut our query response time in half.
    Sometimes more."
    Grigore Voicu, System Administrator at Bitdefender
  • Naspers
    "We went from handling a few hundred Mbps to 12 Gbps traffic in less than an
    hour... flawlessly. The exeperience was great."
    Stefan Dorobantu - IT Team Manager at eMAG, part of Naspers Group
  • Cyber Smart Defence
    "We started with a single machine and a database of 10m records AND It was
    the first time I'd seen queries on a data set of that size run in under 1 second."
    Madalin Dumitru – CEO at Cyber Smart Defense

The Full Metal Accelerator


Startup Warp: SaaS it up!

If you're building a game changing SaaS and need
infrastructure to create your pricing model, test your
software and just get going... then reading this paragraph
is the best thing you've done today.
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Expert Warp: Think fast & big!

Are you a consultant, architect, devops or some other
type of techie brainiac and you're looking for some quality
infrastructure to test new ideas at home?
We might have exactly what you're looking for!
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Creating a production-ready big data
infrastructure is as easy as drag & drop.

It takes literally minutes and a few clicks to create a big data setup with Hadoop,
search and visualisation tools installed and ready to go. Yes, building the
architecture is as easy as drawing the wireframe.

  Saves times spent on operations and allows you to do more research
  Any infrastructure is easy to replicate or edit
  Scale to any instance, cluster or infrastructure size from a single pane of glass
  Design complicated network setups in seconds
  Have an at-a-glance view of your entire infrastructure
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