"Bigstep is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) that
offers an incredibly fast cloud platform, perfect for
crunching Big Data in high volumes and at high speed."
WE MADE IT TO THE TOP 10... again
We are delighted to reveal that once again we feature
prominently in the Netcraft's most reliable infrastructure
providers top ten.
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Physical instead of virtual isolation

The security risk associated with virtual environments disappears entirely on our Full Metal Cloud because the Compute Instances are physically isolated. There is no danger of outside interference at the instance level because machines do not use any shared resources or applications.

More raw power than any other public cloud

Our most powerful Full Metal Compute Instances have 2 deca-core processors (Intel Xeon E5-2690v2) at 3 GHz per core and 192 GB of RAM, out of the box. With 1 quad-core Xeon CPU at 3.30 GHz (E3-1230v2) and 8 GB of RAM, our smallest instances, are as powerful as the highest performance instances offered by most public clouds.

Hardware instead of software switching

Because we don't use virtualisation, all switching is done on physical networking equipment. This improves networking latency dramatically, as well as allows our Full Metal Compute Instances to deal only with crunching your data. It also gives you direct control over the physical ports in the switch and allows for port-to-port networking.

Share nothing infrastructure

Bigstep delivers Full Metal Compute Instances that can be used and controlled like a virtual machine, but have unmatched processing performance. This means you get access to all the capabilities of your machine's CPU and RAM and will see constant, high-performance during the entire lifetime of that machine. 


Full hardware performance.

Ultra-fast pseudo-wire connectivity
(5-10 microseconds latency).

24/7, self-service access to 1 GbE
10 GbE, 40 GbE Layer 2 ports.

Complete isolation from other clients at a hardware
and network level.

Ultra-high IO all-SSD dedicated distributed
storage for hot data and OS storage.

Complete topology transparency for apps.

Dedicated and fully defined hardware.

20 – 80% decreased hardware performance

Standard VLAN connectivity and high latency
software switching

Pre-determined access to 100 MbE, 1 GbE
or, in rare cases, 10 GbE ports.

Virtual isolation allows external influence on the client's
machines and poses security risks.

SSD storage is optional and always expensive.

No topology transparency.

Shared, unidentified hardware.



No virtualization layer

Our Full Metal Cloud is entirely and exclusively a bare metal infrastructure. It does not use any hypervisor. Machines can be created, upgraded, migrated and replicated directly at the physical level, with the most complicated operations taking only minutes to be completed and the rest happening instantly. 

Ultra-high I/O all-SSD storage out of the box

That's right – our Full Metal Solid Storage is an all-SSD based block storage service, built exclusively on enterprise SSD drives. It’s the fastest storage service provided by a public cloud and it was developed to completely eliminate I/O bottlenecks and increase throughput for big data applications.

Cloud-in-Cloud capability

Instant self-provisioning, cloning, snapshots and the pay-per-use billing model are the cornerstones of the cloud model. But we've also added Cloud-in-Cloud capability - the possibility to build private clouds on top of our Full Metal Cloud, using any hypervisor: OpenStack, VMware, KVM, Hyper-V.

Native IP Anycast network

Content will be distributed from all our datacenters simultaneously, to the end-users nearest to each DC. If connection to any of the DCs fails, traffic is automatically redirected to the remaining active locations. Disaster recovery and content distribution happen automatically, with no extra work or costs, as long as the app is synchronized across DCs.

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