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3 Steps to Running Big Data Workloads

1. Start with Architectural Blueprints

Easily drag-and-drop all the necessary components of your big data architecture, from the underlying infrastructure to the operating system and big data applications, or simply choose an existing blueprint from our library.

2. Create Your Private Bare-Metal Cloud for Big Data

Once the blueprint is deployed through the Control Center, the platform activates the corresponding private bare metal infrastructure, while automatically integrating the selected operating systems, containers and big data applications.

3. Run Big Data Workloads

The secure bare metal environment, fully isolated wire-speed networks and high-performance storage systems are architected together to handle enormous workloads safer and faster than any other platform to date.

Bigstep Real-Time Container Service

Bigstep Real-Time Container Service is designed especially for real-time streaming applications, microservice-based architectures and memory-intensive workloads that require low latency and high performance.
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Fast Track to Business Insight

Differentiate offerings, increase operational efficiency and improve outcomes for your customers, regardless of industry or size.

Fully Integrated Big Data Ecosystem

Go from questions to insight in hours. The Bigstep Metal Cloud platform integrates today’s most valued big data applications, and ensures their full compatibility. Every component is ready to be deployed, scaled and connected to a data source.

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Private and Secure

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