Running Microservice-Based Applications

Bigstep Container Service is purpose-built to run distributed applications.
It is fast, reliable, and cost effective.

Performance and Flexibility

Used by most cloud providers, virtualization provides benefits in terms of flexibility but also increases latency and decreases overall application performance. Bigstep provides the same level of flexibility without the need to virtualize. Additionally, by eliminating the virtualization layer and running directly on bare metal, performance is typically at least doubled. Through the use of Layer 2 networks, Bigstep makes due without any overlay network which would also add to the latency issue. On Bigstep Metal Cloud, containers communicate directly to each other, at bare metal speed.

Developer-Centric DevOps

Docker containers provide the portability developers need to publish and maintain code in production with minimum involvement from the sysadmin crew.
Bigstep Container Service manages the infrastructure while the applications are packaged along with their dependencies and simply instantiated in production.

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There is no operating system to manage. The cloud is the operating system that takes care of your applications. The logical, docker infrastructure can then be controlled via code just as any other class or component. The physical, underlying infrastructure can also be scaled horizontally at any time.

Bigstep Container Service

Using Infrastructure as Code

By using the SDK, developers can build a framework around the infrastructure to test and scale it automatically, and to give it the level of robustness that is fundamental in coping with change. Recent, more granular application architectures enable individual components to easily scale horizontally before they are migrated to new nodes, without impacting the overall application performance. Vert.x, Spring Boot and other microservice frameworks make developing such applications much easier than ever before.  

A single, unified application can control these services and the infrastructure they run on, to scale the application's individual services proportionally and reliably. We call this the meta application.

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