Percona XtraDB on Bare Metal Cloud

MySQL at cloud scale. Percona XtraDB Cluster is a highly available and scalable alternative to MySQL. The cluster uses the galera replication library to provide a multimaster cluster based on synchronous replication

Key Features

Percona XtraDB Cluster is fully compatible with MySQL or Percona Server. Databases created in MySQL or Percona Server can be easily imported and applications built on top of them can be used with no or minimal application changes required to start work with Percona XtraDB on Bigstep Metal Cloud.

  • Synchronous replication
  • Multi-master replication
  • Parallel replication on slaves
  • Automatic node provisioning
  • Data consistency
  • Increased read/write scalability

Deployment Architecture

It only takes a few clicks in the Control Center or a call via our API to setup an Percona XtraDB cluster:
  • We finely tune the software configuration for the underlying hardware of the selected instance types.
  • The OS is optimized to provide the maximum possible performance.
  • We configure Percona XtraDB to automatically scale with the size of the underlying instance arrays. When the instance array is expanded, Percona XtraDB is notified and data is replicated on the new instances.
We organize the Percona XtraDB cluster in one instance array:

The instance array contains services that do both operational work and indexing and resource intensive queries. The instances in the instance array should be sized according to the dataset.
The architecture allows you to scale both vertically and horizontally extremely fast.

Data instance array:
  • Instance type: FMCI 8.32
  • Solid Store Drive size: 150GB
  • OS: Centos 7.x
  • Instance count: 1

Scaling Percona XtraDB on Metal Cloud

The bare metal cloud enables horizontal as well as vertical scaling of Percona XtraDB cluster at any time, as follows:

Scaling horizontally

New instances can be added to the cluster within a minute; the hosts are registered in Percona XtraDB cluster and data is relocated to the new nodes.

Scaling vertically

Instance configuration can be changed at any time with a simple restart; no additional delays are required for the data to be transferred out of each individual host.

Sizing an Percona XtraDB Cluster

To obtain high performance opt for instances that have locally attached storage or even the extremely fast NVMes.

FMCI 8.32.2N is a good balanced choice for the underlying hardware configuration.

Percona XtraDB recommends having at least 3 nodes while in critical production environments.


  • Account owners have root access to all the machines.
  • LAN networks can be used to improve the isolation of the Percona XtraDB cluster.
  • Percona XtraDB can be configured to encrypt data while at rest.

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