Bigstep Extend

Hybrid Cloud and Big Data Orchestration
Bigstep Extend is the ideal solution to run your Big Data projects on-premises, and in the cloud under a single pane of glass.

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Extend. Expand. Discover. Innovate. Succeed.

Create a software-defined datacenter from your on-premises hardware as flexible and easy to use as a cloud, deploy complex big data applications and architectures in a couple of clicks without DevOps involvement and extend your cloud-ready applications in the cloud using Bigstep Extend.

  • Agile infrastructure with on-demand capabilities that can scale to fit the changing business needs
  • Unified control of on-premises and cloud for the end user translates into a consistent user experience, less training, and more added value for the resulting services
  • Unified and granular visibility into resource consumption that leads to better workload analysis, placement, and cost optimization
  • Innovation center to empower all teams explore new technologies, new methodologies in an agile, less constraining environment that ultimately enables business success

The only Big Data and infrastructure software-defined control solution

Build live, slice and dice advanced analytics dashboards on billions of records regardless of the underlying infrastructure.

  • Run Spark-based data science clusters that can scale at any time;
  • Stream hundreds of thousands of events per second through Kafka powered real-time pipelines and build real-time powerful dashboards;
  • Query billions of records in MPP SQL and NoSQL databases at bare-metal performance;
  • Use a drag and drop, single pane-of-glass inteface for both on-premises and the cloud.

The best tools for the job

We pick and integrate the best technologies out there so you don’t have to learn how to install and manage them.


Bigstep Extend comes packed with the most important technologies on the market today. It builds and runs Spark, Hadoop clusters, MPP SQL and NoSQL databases, visualization technologies and others.
Integrates with MapR, CDH, HDP, Couchbase, Elasticsearch and many others. WIth our solution they can be automatically installed on-premises or in the cloud.


Leverage Spark, Jupyter, Conda in containers for small to medium scale data exploration and business intelligence projects. It’s easy to use by your data scientists, easy to scale, and easy to connect to your favorite BI tools through JDBC. It’s everything that you need in a simple, cost-effective and highly efficient architecture.

Completely Automated

No other solution on the market covers both hardware and software with this degree of integration.


Once setup is finished, the deployment will require no further physical intervention. Everything is automated: switches, servers, storages, including the OOB network. The performance of bare metal and flexibility of a physical network cable is still there. It’s just automated. IT can allocate resources, create clusters, tear them down, deploy new applications etc. from a unified control panel.


Consolidate, increase resilience and improve application delivery with containers. The Bigstep Realtime Container Platform supports truly persistent workloads that have the ability to move from one host to another, without the performance penalty of a distributed filesystem.


Extend’s hybrid architecture allows you to burst into the cloud for transient projects or development environments. Bigstep’s Metal Cloud has identical performance characteristics as your own hardware and operates as an extension of your on-premises infrastructure. You manage both environments from the same pane of glass.

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