Metal Cloud Distributed MicroSAN Storage

Data in the bare metal cloud relies on a solid, unique storage architecture designed for high performance, flexibility, and resilience. Your data is safe, easily retrievable and conveniently scalable on a per-GB plan.

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Key Features

Pay for the exact amount of storage you need, with no extra costs or setup required.

  • Full scalability with no compromise
  • State of the art enterprise drives
  • Intelligent data-locating algorithm
  • Convenient pay-per-use pricing

Bare Metal Drivers

Drive templates and snapshotting simplify backup, replication and upgrade tasks.
Every choice provides top-­notch performance for IOPS­ intensive applications.



Lightning-fast drives and a high-throughput network ensure that your data-intensive apps deliver the best performance possible.



Quickly scalable drives eliminate all the guess-work and allow you to use precisely as much storage space as needed.



No matter what type of drive you choose, your data is available almost instantly anytime, anywhere in your application.


Ease of Use

Easily add drives through the Control Center or API, attach with a simple drag and drop and configure to your personal needs.



Drives can be attached to different compute instances and used with a hypervisor to enable effortless live migration.



High reliability, secure network access, and snapshotting and reverting support mean that your data is always safe.

Block Storage

Regarding flexibility and versatility, the bare metal cloud's block storage options are unparalleled.
Engineered to deliver the highest possible performance, it offers speeds up to 33 times higher than other block storage solutions.


Bare Metal Solid Storage

Bare Metal Solid Storage offers consistent and low-latency performance for enterprise storage environments. With each drive delivering up to 100 IOPS/GB, 40 Gbps throughput in full-duplex and a read/write speed equivalent to more than 13 local SSD drives, it is the fastest block storage in the cloud.


Real-Time Analytics & Data Streams
Running queries on millions of rows of data is blazing fast on Solid Storage drives. In this high-performance environment, your data gets crunched in minutes, instead of hours or days.

High-Frequency Transactions
Consistent high performance makes the Full Metal Solid Storage the natural solution for latency-sensitive, IOPS-intensive applications.


Bare Metal Disk Storage

Bare Metal Disk Storage is the fastest disk-based cloud block storage service available on the market today. Each drive scales up to 1.5TB, delivers between 200 and 500 IOPS and up to 10 Gbps throughput so that your data warehouse is flexible, high-performance and readily available.


Data & Content Storage
The Full Metal Disk Storage has built-in redundancy and was purpose-built to provide a fast, stable, and cost-effective block storage solution for huge volumes of data.

Petabyte-Scale Data Warehouses
For both traditional SQL databases and horizontal hyper-scale NoSQL models, the Full Metal Disk Storage supplies a solid, reliable platform that expands to accommodate growing data volumes.

Bare Metal Shared Drive

With the bare metal cloud's Data Lake as a Service, your unstructured data is not only easy to manage but quickly accessible and already integrated with the rest of your infrastructure. No matter how much data we're talking about, the bare metal data lake works on a robust pay-as-you-go architecture that supports data storage and retrieval in a flash. The bare metal data lake provides petabyte-scale HDFS-compatible storage that is easy to use and access. It can be used to store any type of file, with virtually unlimited space available. Using an extremely simple set of commands, files can be dropped to specific paths, replicated across several folders, retrieved or deleted.


Scale Out of an Existing Enterprise Data Warehouse

The bare metal data lake can ingest existing data and cross­reference it with information from new sources and systems. It is compatible with Oracle, Teradata, IBM, HP and Microsoft solutions, as well as the large majority of business intelligence tools such as Qlikview, Microstrategy, Jaspersoft, Looker or Tableau.


Take in and Analyze Data Streams of Any Size

Your on-premise architecture might not be ready to collect high-velocity data streams from web users, social media, fleet, sensors or other apps and devices - the bare metal data lake is. It can take in external data streams, make the files instantly available to your processing engines and feedback the result into your existing systems.


Run Data Science and Machine Learning on Integrated Data Sets

The bare metal data lake is so secure and cost-effective that it can take in all your data and also enable your data science team to discover correlations you’ve never seen before. RStudio, Matlab, Jupyter Notebook, Zeppelin Notebook, Spark Notebook or PyCharm can be used to connect directly to the bare metal data lake. Now your data scientists can do their best work in the environment they choose.


Build Distributed Microservices Architectures for Web-Ready Apps

How do you make your web or mobile app fast enough to keep your users coming back, but without hurting your budget? Containers are an easy way to distribute the right resources to the right workload. The bare metal data lake was built to deliver the flexibility that microservices architectures require, and work out-of-the-box with Mesos, Kubernetes, and Docker.


Active Cold Data Storage and Backup for Massive Data Sets

Priced at just £30/TB stored per month, storing data does not get more cost-effective than in the bare metal data lake. Whether you are looking for a storage solution to host an active replica of your data sets or a system that keeps your data available via HTTP across multiple regions and systems, the bare metal data lake is the right choice.


Data Processing and ETL from Any Source, in Any Application

SQL, Java, Python, Scala, R or RDBMS, Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL – everything works out of the box, so your teams can start analyzing data and gaining insights in mere minutes without additional training. Deliver the right data to the right tool at the right time and you won’t be locked into a single technology ever again.

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