Large Scale & Real-Time Data Processing

High volume & high velocity data processing requires specific tools and technologies. Finely tuned details make all the difference at
that scale. Bigstep provides end-to-end managed and unmanaged large scale and real-time data processing infrastructures.

Real-Time Data Pipelines Based on Apache Spark

Today's businesses generate a lot of data that tracks user interaction. Statistically, however, very few actually make use of that data in a meaningful way. The big problem is that getting started is never easy. Bigstep builds and runs end-to-end pipelines adjusted to your business needs. Data is ingested from the production sources either in batches or in real-time, stored in a DataLake and then used to generate the required customer models or classifications driven by machine learning. The entire data set can be accessed through BI tools such as Qlik, Tableau or Zoomdata.

Multiple Objectives, One Platform

Our versatile platform offers an ideal environment for customer analytics, marketing analytics, merchandising analysis, market trends analysis, demand prediction, and personalized customer targeting.

Leveraging Apache Spark

Apache Spark is a key component of our solutions. It enables both batch data processing and stream processing. We rely on its Hive-compatible SparkSQL JDBC interface to expose the data stored in the DataLake to the SQL-speaking world and to the data scientists.
We use it as part of a major Hadoop distribution such as CDH, HDP or MapR, but we also deploy Spark separately as part of our SparkArray.

The Cloud Makes It Easy

Running solutions in the cloud helps alleviate the pressure on the current IT staff, data-centers and purchasing departments. The solution grows as you use it so there is no need to pre-pay for hardware.

Flexible Architecture

Studies show that early adopters of big data technologies get most of the benefits. The market is always changing. Through automation, Bigstep Metal Cloud provides one of the fastest deployment methods available today.

Run a Proof of Concept

Run a pilot program to validate your ideas, to demonstrate the concept and get a feel of what is involved before committing. Our solution engineers will help you design the solution and get you started quickly. A POC can last anywhere between 2 weeks and a year.

It Is OK to Change Your Mind

Data-driven businesses are seldom satisfied with just a "fire and forget" approach to data. Every day brings a new question and demands new technologies.

Bigstep makes it easy to change and adapt.

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