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Datameer on the Bigstep Infrastructure

Presentation Summary

Datameer on the Bigstep Metal Cloud is the fastest way for department managers to start integrating, preparing, analyzing and visualizing data right away. With Datameer on the Bigstep Metal Cloud you get an entire big data analytics stack deployed, configured, and ready to crunch data, in less than 20 minutes.

What's Inside

  1. Analytics on Hadoop in 20 minutes
    Deploying Datameer on the Bigstep Metal Cloud requires no IT, DevOps or programming resources - see how that's possible.
  2. Datameer on the Bigstep Metal Cloud Features
    The Full Metal Cloud provides a high-performance Hadoop environment which makes Datameer queries run faster than ever - learn more about the full list of features.
  3. Security on the Bigstep Metal Cloud
    Discover the Full Metal Cloud's isolated environment for hosting critical data.

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