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Bigstep is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider that combines full hardware performance with the flexibility of the cloud to create the world's most powerful public computing infrastructure. With big data demanding ever more powerful computing, Bigstep's full metal hardware allows organisations to process big data faster and more effectively than any other means, yet still retain the benefits of the cloud.

Our advantage?

Rather than using virtualisation, Bigstep's infrastructure is based exclusively on bare metal, providing a performance and speed that virtual environments cannot come close to matching.

In the news

Madeline Bennett, host of V3.co.uk, interviews Ioana Hreninciuc, our Commercial Director, about our new Full Metal Cloud. Play this video to find out about the benefits of bare metal infrastructure for big data and why virtualisation just doesn't cut it.

What they say


Alison Coleman

Journalist at Forbes
March 27, 2014
"Launched last year, Bigstep is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) that offers an incredibly fast cloud platform, perfect for crunching Big Data in high volumes and at high speed."

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Roy Illsley

Principal Analyst Software - IT Solutions
December 20, 2013
"Bigstep has introduced a new twist on the existing IaaS market by enabling customers to install directly on to bare metal with the
same degree of flexibility and access provided to current IaaS offerings based on virtual environments."

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forrester blogs

James Staten's Blog

Vice President, Principal Analyst Serving Infrastructure & Operations Professionals Forrester Research
October 14, 2013
"Rather than generic infrastructure, Bigstep is outfitting its cloud specifically for performance - HP rackmount servers,
SSD-based iSCSI storage, 44Gbps of Ethernet from each server (four 1GbE ports and 4 10GbE ports per server) and no virtual switching."

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Why choose us


Years in the making

We have been in the industry for more than 17 years and we have worked with just about every type of client and technology out there.

Twice the backup. Always.

Every system in our infrastructure is fully redundant. So there's always backup... behind your backup.

Only enterprise hardware

We only work with enteprise class servers and components provided by HP and our backbone is entirely based on HP. Get the best hardware out there, with no compromise.

100% network availability

If you're looking for premium network uptime, it doesn't get any better than ours. And it's not just marketing talk.
We put it in the SLA.

Hadoop hearts bare metal

With direct access to bare metal, distributed all-SSD storage and wire-speed networking, Hadoop will run better than ever, on our full metal cloud. Learn more

Easy to start, easy to quit

Get access to extremely powerful machines on a pay-per-hour basis, with no minimum comit. It's never been easier to start working with your big data. See pricing

Full power at your fingertips

With full self-service acces to every functionality, through the API, you'll have full control over your infrastructure, and never have to talk to a sales person again.
Learn about the API

Predictable performance, always

Forget about your machines being moved from bad to worse hardware. Our hardware continuously delivers the same high performance and stays yours as long as you want it to.
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