The proliferation of cloud computing and mobile devices has presented retail companies with the opportunity to create personalized experiences, along their customers' journey through the omnichannel canvas. Dealing with an increasingly diverse range of products, suppliers and customer touch-points, retail businesses get innovation-ready on The Bigstep Metal Cloud. After all, exerting control offers better results when there is more to control.

Merchandising Analysis

Cutting through the clutter of merchandising attributes to determine what drives traffic and profitability at the point-of-purchase is critical to retail success.

The tracking of in-store patterns and shopping habits relies on collecting and integrating data from millions of sensors. Big data analytics applications make it easy to identify product affinities, improve the store design and the product mix.

Market Trends and Demand Prediction

Predictive analytics may sound futuristic, but by implementing big data capabilities, retailers can build models to forecast sales performance.

You can long-term and short-term forecast the demand, the inventory turnover, perform omnichannel analysis, while taking in consideration key variables such as list prices, special discounts or seasonality.

Personalized Customer Targeting

From brick and mortar to click and mortar, improving customer experience is vital for any retailer. In the big data era, you can speak fluently to your customers. Customized communications based on geolocation data, online behaviour, shopping history, and other information sources are the key factors to turning customers into loyal clients.

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