Apart from powering groundbreaking medical research, the healthcare sector benefits in many other ways from big data-driven endeavors. Whether it’s DNA sequencing or predictive analytics for patient care, The Bigstep Metal Cloud meets the industry's high requirements with the highest-performance infrastructure and big data application ecosystem to date.

Real-Time Personalized Patient Care

Delivering comprehensive diagnostics and treatment at the point of care entails a unique point of data collection, processing and analysis of clinical information, and even DNA/RNA sequencing and protein structure analysis.

Real-time analytics on this data can identify hidden issues and can decisively assist doctors in delivering personalized assessments and wellness plans on the spot.

Public Health Data Analysis

Being able to process real-time health and geolocation data is crucial for continuously updating reports of infectious disease occurrences.

No matter how diverse data sets from different public sectors might seem at first, big data analytics provide the ability to detect disease outbreaks at an earlier stage, and support human decisions for population health management.

Biomedical Research

Biomedical development encompasses a wide range of data-rich analytics, from high-throughput cellular and protein-binding assays, to cheminformatics-driven databases.

When coupled with electronic medical records that chart patient progression with respect to disease, medication and demographic information, this kind of information is uniquely suited to speed up therapeutics research.

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