Regardless of investment preferences, if you are doing business in the financial sector, your success relies heavily on the quality of your insights. The Bigstep Metal Cloud ensures easy data integration, lightning-fast analytics and versatile data visualization, covering everything from predictive analytics, to fraud detection and risk management analysis.

Fraud Detection

In order to monitor and test against fraud, financial institutions need to analyze every transaction and compare it against known parameter ranges. Big data analytics provide the ability to do ad-hoc investigations, as well as continuous analysis for periodic notifications.

Use The Bigstep Metal Cloud to search records for gaps, duplicates or matching data, visualize geographically distributed data and continuously improve the models against which you test.

Compliance Reporting

Because financial data constantly changes, and due to the multitude of standards and regulations your organization has to adhere to, it is traditionally difficult to produce, maintain and assess compliance reports.

However, operational intelligence-capable big data tools empower you to partition your data, set up workbooks and send them downstream, export the data mileage and integrate everything in one final report addressed to security and compliance experts.

Risk Management

Whether it's credit, market, operational, compliance or any other kind of risk, big data allows asset managers, banks and insurance companies to identify potential risks, reduce intervention time, and take accurate decisions.

By implementing predictive and advanced statistical analytics, you can improve risk models, expand real-time risk intelligence capabilities and significantly reduce risk management spending.

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