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Big data architectures are reliable, scalable and completely automated data pipelines. Choosing an architecture and building the appropriate big data solution has never been easier. The Bigstep Metal Cloud brings automation and orchestration to every layer in the stack, starting with the underlying infrastructure and spanning everything from configuration and tuning to dependency and upgrade management. On the Bigstep Metal Cloud, any production-ready big data architecture imaginable can be designed and deployed in minutes.

Real-Time Architecture

The need for real-time insight from operational data is critical for many applications. The shorter the path from data to useful information, the shorter the reaction time to meaningful events, and the greater your overall business advantage. In order to achieve this, real-time architectures leverage Hadoop and NoSQL in the following manner:

SSD Clickstream Solid Storage Data Lake NoSQL Database Data Sources Storage Data Ingestion Streaming Application OR Social Sensors Alerts Kafka / Flume Datameer Tableau Spark Streaming Video & Audio CRM & ERP Visualisation

Batch Processing Architecture

Batch architectures are most suitable for on-demand processing and applications that have highly variable, but predictable usage patterns. The Bigstep platform offers the most flexible solution for scaling the infrastructure both up (for busy end-of-month reporting) and down (during low-usage periods). A typical architecture looks like the following:

HDD/SSD Storage External Systems I/O I/O One-click scaling Hadoop Worker Nodes Data Lake OR Datameer Elasticsearch Tableau Query / Visualisation Store JobInfo / Analytics Control /Input Queue

Lambda Architecture

Lambda architectures are useful in a wide range of applications, they are fault-tolerant and linearly scalable. The basic functioning principles of Lambda architectures is illustrated below:

Clickstream Data Sources Real-Time Analytics Batch Processing Batch Layer Serving Layer MessagingApplication NoSQL DB Real-Time Layer Social Sensors Datameer Elasticsearch Tableau Video & Audio CRM & ERP Query / Visualisation Incremental Real-Time Views Pre-computed Batch Views 1 2

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