Advertising & Media

Breakthroughs in fields such as semantic search and sentiment analysis have brought the media sector on the verge of the greatest revolution since Gutenberg’s printing press. The Bigstep Metal Cloud empowers media companies to develop big data projects that can change the way we all regard information sharing. Given enough data, you can tell what the world is thinking.

Intelligent Ad Targeting and Delivery

Intelligent ad targeting relies heavily on the ability to identify and understand online users’ behavioural patterns. Information such as where the users are coming from, content they have recently consumed, the search terms they have used to land on certain websites, and demographics are critical when it boils down to profiling the audience. Employing big data analytics on these crucial customer data sets is the basis to intelligent ad targeting.

Content Analysis and Strategy Development

Being able to asses if a certain piece of content is SEO wise, generates engagement or has the right keyword density, will pave the way to creating best practices and replicating them over and over.

Intelligent big data reports and visualization tools will help you set up the winning strategy without going through all the trial and error processes.

Sentiment Analysis Across Social Media

The ability to quickly understand consumer attitudes towards your brand and react accordingly are key aspects when building relevant marketing and PR strategies.

A data-rich real-time system capable of analyzing millions of social media updates from multiple sources provides marketers with extremely valuable insights.

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Step by step, we stride toward making big data central in the arena of insight-driven business.

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