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Bigstep Metal Cloud Overview

Bigstep Metal CloudOverview

Presentation Summary

The Bigstep Metal Cloud is the world’s highest performance cloud, purpose-built for big data. It is a bare-metal IaaS aimed at high performance applications such as big data analytics, high volume batch processing, real time analytics, high volume stream data analysis, machine learning and natural language processing.

What's Inside

Key Features
Wondering all the extra performance actually comes from? It’s not just the machines, the SSDs or the higher capacity network. More than anything else, it’s about how all the parts are put together.
Bigstep Products
Learn about the bare metal infrastructure behind the Bigstep Metal Cloud, the Big Data on Bigstep Metal Cloud application ecosystem, the orchestration layer and the Control Center.
Cloud Versus On-Premise TCO
The idea of the cost effectiveness of running on-premise hardware is still very much alive, despite evidence to the contrary. The primary reasons for that are the hidden costs of on-premise - learn all about it.

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The world's highest performance cloud, purpose-built for big data

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