Working together is success

We work with a limited number of partners because we want to invest the appropriate time and resources in every relationship. If you’re a software company, system integrator or consultant working in big data, let’s explore how we can improve our client’s experience, together.

Partnership Models


You work on big data projects – providing either software or consultancy. Your advice is sought in the decision making process for choosing a big data platform, but your client makes the final choice. You have experience with multiple platform and infrastructure providers, and with on-premises environments. You’re not directly responsible for your client’s entire big data project, but you’d like it to be a success so you can work together again in the future.

Become a referrer


You provide a turn-key big data service or solution and you take care of all the moving parts. You make it as easy as possible for the client to start working with data and take away all the pain associated with designing, deploying, configuring and managing the client’s big data project. You provide all the support to the client yourself – even if the client knows about underlying parts that you’re using, they only deal with you. That’s why you need to have every part of the process under your direct control. You need a stable, reliable platform partner that will respect the relationship you have with your client and will support you in providing a great service.

Become a reseller

Technology Ally

You develop big data software that’s used on a large scale. Your application is integrated with many other systems and its user base is steadily growing. You need a partner that can provide an optimized environment for your applications and that will help convert your users into paying clients. You’re willing to provide marketing support and development resources in order to integrate your software with other applications and with infrastructure platforms.

Become a technology ally

Let's gather round the meeting table!

We are focused on keeping our lead as the world’s highest-performance big data platform-as-a-service. We do groundbreaking work and we’re great at it. Nonetheless, we are the first to acknowledge that we owe much of our success to our technology allies. Apart from resulting in industry breakthroughs, our partnerships constantly generate common business opportunities.

Become a partner