The Bigstep Infrastructure

The world’s highest performance cloud, purpose-built for big data

Instant 500% Performance Boost

The Bigstep Infrastructure provides all the power and privacy of bare metal with the flexibility of the cloud, making it the highest performance public cloud in the world. Hadoop, NoSQL DBs, search and analytics engines reach up to 500% better performance running on the Bigstep Infrastructure compared to virtualized public clouds.

Bigstep Compute Instances

Bigstep Compute Instances aren't your average servers. We fine tune them right down to the metal, to provide the best performance. We handpick the best hardware components, choose specific firmware, and configure BIOS settings to get the most out of each chip on that motherboard.

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Bigstep Storage

Storage throughput is paramount to performance in big data. To achieve the right mix of performance and capacity, we provide two tiers of block storage: Solid Storage for high-performance workloads, and Disk Storage for storing massive data sets cost-effectively. The Bigstep Data Lake, our HDFS-native storage, is perfect for petabyte-scale analytics.

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Bigstep Network

The Bigstep Network is unmatched in performance and flexibility by any other cloud network. With cut through switching that ensures minimum, wire-speed latency, and complete control over the physical ports in the switch, it's even safer and much more elastic than on-premises deployments.

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Actually, It's Rocket Science

Wondering where all the extra performance we provide actually comes from? It’s not just the machines, the SSDs or the high-capacity network. More than anything, it’s about how all the parts work together.

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