Bigstep Network

The Bigstep Network is the world’s highest performance public cloud network, engineered to deliver wire-speed latency over physically isolated tunnels, for every big data application deployed in the Bigstep Metal Cloud. Designing a complex network architecture in the Control Center is as easy as drawing a wireframe on paper. Using drag & drop actions, it takes minutes to:

Create the
physical LANs

Instance Arrays

WAN connections


secure zones

Fast, Elastic, Secure

The Bigstep Metal Cloud uses a flat network architecture optimized for east-west, as well as north-south traffic. Each switch on the path between instances is guaranteed to sustain line-rate performance on all links at all times. With unparalleled speed and flexibility, the Bigstep Network is the world’s most advanced cloud network:

Efficient Network Management

The Bigstep Network automates tasks and makes it easy for DevOps, sysadmins, and network engineers to build simple and secure systems:


Engineered for Performance

Nanosecond switching

The Bigstep Network uses exclusively bare metal nanosecond switching, making it tens of times faster than any virtualized cloud network.

Switching time

One nanosecond is to one second as one second is to 31 years.

Cut-through switching

Unlike store-and-forward, cut-through switching doesn’t introduce any latency, so the packets are always transferred through the network at wire speed.

High memory dynamic buffers

When a port is saturated, incoming packets are temporarily stored by switches into dynamic-size buffers on high-performance memory. This minimizes packet drop rates and improves network performance.

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