Bigstep Compute Instances

Designed for big data, engineered to deliver:

  • Full-throttle bare metal performance
  • Exceptional scalability and flexibility
  • Highly secured, isolated physical machines
  • One-click big data environment setups

What is a Bigstep Compute Instance?

Bigstep Compute Instances are the building blocks of the Bigstep Metal Cloud. They are completely elastic and provide uncompromising bare metal performance. Each Compute Instance corresponds to one, single-tenant physical server, and can be cloned, migrated, upgraded or downgraded in seconds.

We fine-tune the Compute Instances right down to the metal. We handpick the best hardware components and configure them to get the most out of every chip on that motherboard.



Bare Metal Performance

The underlying hardware architecture champions the Compute Instances to deliver the highest possible performance.

Complete Control

Governance over every Compute Instance goes beyond in-band access and surpasses on-premises solutions.

High Scalability

The Bigstep Metal Cloud enables you to go from a small Compute Instance prototype to a computing power plant and right back, at any given time.

High-Grade Hardware

All of our servers and components are purchased from, and pre-tested for quality by HP.

Flexible Pricing

Pay-per-use pricing, based on hardware specs and running time, enables predictable budgeting and cost control.

Fast Environment Setup

Save time and effort with our pre-configured Compute Instance environments in only a couple of minutes and clicks.

Virtual Machines vs. Bigstep Compute Instances

Virtual Machines

Hypervisor access only

Access to the physical server can be gained only through the hypervisor – which filters and interprets every request, causing delays and loss in performance.

Unpredictable performance

Multi-tenant computational environments offer inconsistent performance, leading to unsteady task performance and unpredictable budgeting.

Variable hardware quality

You aren’t able to assess the quality of the hardware and the actual workloads supported by the physical machines – vendors could be using cheap hardware and overselling outdated infrastructure.

Compute Instances

Full access

You get instant, unrestricted access to your machines and can identify and control the individual components that power your big data architectures.

Consistent performance

Never moved or reconfigured without your specific request or permission, your Compute Instances deliver predictable, consistent performance.


Powered by the latest Intel Xeon processors, Compute Instances bring the latest and best in performance, while providing complete out-of-band control and OS root access.

Bigstep Instance Arrays

Bigstep Instance Arrays are the computational units of the Bigstep Metal Cloud - they group Compute Instances for easy resource handling. They empower you to simultaneously control tens or hundreds of instances and manage your big data environment with just a click or API call.

Full Instance Control

Bigstep Compute Instances have a fully configurable set of characteristics, for which a server that matches or exceeds the specifications is allocated. You can change the necessary set of characteristics to match your requirements through the Control Center or the API, and be instantly provided with matching hardware. Upgrading an entire Instance Array of Compute Instances takes just a couple of clicks and a few seconds.

26.4 52.8 120

8 16 32 48 96 128 192

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

One-Click Deploy Applications

From prototype to full-scale launch, creating a production-ready big data environment using Bigstep Compute Instances takes only a few minutes and a few clicks. Every application on the Bigstep Metal Cloud is ready to be deployed, scaled, and connected to a data source.

Operating Systems

Compute Instances can be used to run a variety of predefined operating systems that come available with our Storage Instances. Choose your OS, deploy your instance and get started in just a couple of minutes.

12.04, 14.04

6.5, 6.6, 7.1

For deploying other operating systems, please contact us here.

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