DataStax on the Bigstep Metal Cloud

DataStax Enterprise delivers blazing-fast in-memory analytics, continuous availability, enterprise-grade security, and operational simplicity on the Bigstep Metal Cloud.

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The Best Performance Meets The Best Availability

DataStax Enterprise is built on Apache Cassandra, one of the most popular NoSQL databases. Cassandra is a quickly scalable and flexible NoSQL database with map-reduce capabilities and excellent write performance. Cassandra also has Hadoop and Spark support, exposing an HDFS-like interface which enables the conservation of data locality.

Scaling DataStax on the Bigstep Metal Cloud

DataStax can be scaled horizontally and vertically at the click of a button or with a single API call. The deployment will automatically scale with the size of the underlying infrastructure.

Scaling horizontally

The DataStax cluster is automatically notified before new compute instances are assigned a place in the architecture. Decommissioning a compute instance is possible, but only after the eviction of all data from the respective node. We recommend adding nodes in symmetrical increments (such as 4, 8, 16) so they can be properly balanced.

Scaling vertically

The characteristics of the Instance Array (RAM, CPU) can be effortlessly modified in the Control Center or with an API call. After a simple reboot, the nodes automatically update their configurations.

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