Hortonworks on Bigstep Metal Cloud

Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) is the only 100% open-source Hadoop distribution on the big data market. It enables the deployment of secure enterprise-grade data repositories and delivers the analytics required to innovate and to power real-time business insights. HDP is compatible with most modern big data applications.

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How Hortonworks Works

The key components of Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) are YARN and Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS). HDFS provides a scalable, fault-tolerant, cost-efficient storage solution, while YARN offers the centralized architecture that enables users to process multiple simultaneous workloads. To this date, Hortonworks has the most substantial contribution to the Apache big data application ecosystem. The seamless integration of the Apache technologies is what makes Hortonworks Data Platform a powerful, flexible and reliable Hadoop distribution:

Falcon Governance Integration Tools Atlas NFS WebHDFS Sqoop Flume Kafka Zeppelin Ambari UserViews
Data Access Map Reduce Pig Phoenix Storm Hive HBase Accumulo Solr Spark HAWQ
Security Operations Ambari Cloudbreak ZooKeeper Oozie Ranger Knox Atlas HDFSEncryption

Hortonworks Data Platform on Bigstep Metal Cloud

Hortonworks’ open-source model, along with the drag & drop interface of Bigstep Metal Cloud enable users to create, tune and deploy complex big data architectures in minutes, literally. Saying that HDP on Bigstep Metal Cloud enables rapid adoption is an understatement.

Key Features

A Turn-Key Big Data Solution

Diverse applications can run simultaneously on a single cluster. HDP on Bigstep Metal Cloud supports most Hadoop applications, so you can rely on a single, easy to use solution from beginning to end.

Massive Data Ingest

With Hortonworks Data Platform on the Bigstep Metal Cloud an enterprise-grade repository can ingest a virtually limitless amount of data, from existing and new sources, regardless of the raw formats.

Shared Big Data Assets

With Hortonworks, all the big data assets of an organization become available across business groups, functions and users. Organizations get innovation-ready with HDP on Bigstep Metal Cloud.

No Vendor Lock-in

By delivering 100% Apache open-source technology on the vendor-agnostic Bigstep Metal Cloud, Hortonworks Data Platform enables organizations to experiment with a wide range of big data apps.

Seamlessly Integrated

Through our committed co-engineering partnership with Hortonworks, Bigstep Metal Cloud makes the integration, deployment and scaling of Hortonworks Data Platform a matter of drag & drop.

Bare-Metal Performance

By relying solely on physical servers instead of virtual machines, Hortonworks Data Platform runs several times better on Bigstep Metal Cloud than other Hadoop distributions in the cloud.

Deployment, Scaling & Integration on Bigstep Metal Cloud

It takes exactly two clicks in the Control Center, or a couple of API calls to deploy HDP on Bigstep Metal Cloud. Scaling is just as easy. The distribution will immediately expand to the entire size of the underlying Compute Instance Arrays. Unlike most public clouds, with Bigstep the account owners get root access to the entire system and can manage all the features of HDP. We also pre-configure HDP to connect with the other apps on Bigstep Metal Cloud.

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