Datameer on the Bigstep Metal Cloud

No need to wait for IT to deploy an enterprise-wide solution. Datameer on the Bigstep Metal Cloud is one of the fastest ways for business managers to get started with big data in a secure, high-performance and scalable environment.

Test Datameer on the Bigstep Metal Cloud

End-to-End Big Data Analytics
Running on the Bigstep Metal Cloud

The Bigstep Metal Cloud provides a high performance Hadoop environment which accelerates Datameer. Working on terabytes of data is just as easy as building a spreadsheet on your laptop.

Discover New Insights Faster

Datameer simplifies the big data analytics environment into a single application on top of the Hadoop platform. It is the only end-to-end big data analytics application for Hadoop designed to make big data simple for everyone. It combines self-service data integration, analytics and visualization functionality that provides the fastest time to insights.

Integrate, Prepare, Analyze and Visualize

Datameer is a hub and can work with data from more sources, not only Hadoop. Existing data warehouses can be connected and data can be exported or imported without the need for programmers to get involved and without massive data migrations projects. Bigstepā€™s Datameer App is a scalable single tenant high performance solution that integrates with our Cloudera App to provide a powerful end-to-end big data solution.

Deployment Architecture & Integration with CDH

We deploy a single instance type with the latest version of Datameer and scale the cluster horizontally and vertically, at the click of a button in the Control Center, or with a single API call. We also automate the integration of Datameer with Hadoop - CDH.

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