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NoSQL Performance Benchmarks Series: Couchdoop

NoSQL PerformanceBenchmarks SeriesCouchbase

Benchmark Abstract

Calin-Andrei Burloiu, Big Data Engineer at antivirus company Avira, and Radu Pastia, Senior Software Developer in the Big Data Team at Orange, are the team behind Couchdoop – a high performance connector for bridging Hadoop and Couchbase. This paper documents the performance of Couchdoop when varying environment parameters.

What's Inside

Two-Tier Big Data Applications
Learn how Avira benefits from an analytical tier built around the Hadoop ecosystem, which crunches large amounts of user event logs, and a real-time tier which exposes web services to almost 100 million users.
Couchbase + Hadoop
Integrating Hadoop (CDH) and Couchbase resulted in Couchdoop, a high performance Hadoop connector for Couchbase - see how Calin and Radu brought the concept to life.
Importing/Exporting Performance
Couchdoop provides a good solution when integration with Hadoop is necessary; and by leveraging parallelism, loading batches of data to/from Couchbase becomes a very fast process - but just how fast?

This article is part of the NoSQL Performance Benchmarks Series:

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