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NoSQL Performance Benchmarks Series: Couchbase

NoSQL PerformanceBenchmarks SeriesCouchbase

Benchmark Abstract

Learn what makes Couchbase one of the highest-performing NoSQL databases we have seen in our lab so far, with consistent sub-milisecond responses. Discover our hardware & software setup, and see the results.

What's Inside

Monitoring Query Performance
Our tests were designed to verify cluster behavior under normal operating circumstances; see PUT, GET and QUERY runs results.
Performance-to-Price Ratio
Couchbase has a very interesting scaling pattern - some metrics decrease and some increase as we add servers; see what configuration delivered the best value.
The Impact of Auto-Compaction and Virtualisation
Learn about the impact that the default auto-compacting setting has on a PUT series and how virtualization influences memory response time bound applications such as NoSQL databases.

This article is part of the NoSQL Performance Benchmarks Series:

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